Your telecom business has never looked this good. offers superior billing, support, and real-time provisioning tools for your communications business.


What is

Since 2014 has been delivering provisioning and billing for communications and telecom providers. MVNO's, MVNE's, ISP's, and cloud providers love our platform for it's clean interface and well documented API's.

Fully Documented API

We built TeleCloud API first. 99% of all functions are API accessible, fully documented, and available on all levels.

100% Private Labeled

It's your business, it should have your brand. TeleCloud™ is fully private labeled for you, your clients, and customers.

Integrates with any provider

Our unique module system allows for real-time provisioning with any carrier. Host scripts on your server or ours.


Key features

Cloud Account Hierarchy

The three level hierarchy design is the centerpiece to it's brilliance. Offer multiple brands, launch value added resellers, and enable your resellers to launch their own dealers.


CORE Level

As the top of the hierarchy you'll have full control of all accounts, branding, and services.


VAR Level

Value Added Resellers create their own brand and offer services at prices set by the CORE.

Simplify and automate billing with ease.

Offer services on a prepaid or postpaid basis to your resellers. Accept ACH, credit card, or cash payments using one of the many payment gateways integrated with TeleCloud™.

Prepaid billing (add funds before provisioning)

Postpaid billing (balance collected at the end of each day)

Usage billing (bill for usage in near real-time with usage components)

Automated credit card billing for customers

Real-Time provisioning with any external service provider or carrier.

Modules can be hosted on the TeleCloud™ server or yours. Modules are never seen by your resellers or customers and are essentially scripts that process transactions with external third-party service providers and return results to TeleCloud™ for record keeping and billing. Modules are the key to real-time activations & provisioning of any service.

Modules for each real-time event

TeleCloud™ supports modules for all real-time events including new orders, replenishments, cancellations, and more.

Remote hosting supported

Keep your companies sensitive access credentials and other information under your own control by hosting modules on your own servers.

TeleCloud™ Order Module

Additional Features

Fully branded for your MVNO

Upload your own logo and even put the entire back office on your own domain. These essential private label features completely mask your relationship with TeleCloud™. Your logo will be included on all outgoing e-mail notifications to your customers and dealers as well.

Multi-Level Dealer Support

Setup unlimited accounts for your resellers and allow them to setup dealers and retail outlets with their own login and account balance. Fully controlled by you (the CORE), you can set your resellers wholesale rates to guarantee their profit margin and yours.

Multiple Product Groups

If you sell more than one service (IE. wireless and internet) you can create multiple product groups, each with their own rate plans and real-time modules. Assign product groups to all resellers or just one and even set the prices for each product independently for different resellers.

Automated End-User Billing

Your resellers can utilize their existing merchant gateway to collect payments from their customers either on an automatic recurring basis or at the time of activation/replenishment. With support for multiple credit card processors you can maintain your existing merchant relationships and collect your profit up front every time.

Private Label Notifications

Upon initial provisioning or activation customers can optionally receive a email and text message from your reseller brand with their new account information. In addition, all e-mail notifications sent to your customers and dealers are completely private labeled and 100% customizable using the built in HTML editor within TeleCloud™.

Build it with the XML API

If there's a feature or web site we don't offer you can build it on top of the TeleCloud™ XML API. Since TeleCloud™ was built and continues to be developed API first, 99% of all functionality in the portal is available on the API. You can view the full API documentation here.


Screenshots and Videos

Have a close look and even take a short tour of the TeleCloud™ platform.


Simple, all inclusive pricing

All pricing options include a monthly minimum and a per order fee that's charged for each active order in a 30 calendar day period. 24 hours of FREE programming (to develop modules, etc) is included with all pricing options.

Business Starter

World class telecom provisioning and billing for less. A small monthly commitment you can meet with only 175 customers.


monthly minimum
+ $2.85 /per order

Only pay for active end-users (orders) on the platform. Create unlimited resellers and dealers. $500 setup fee required.

Best  Plan


Already have a sizable existing customer base? The growth option gives you access to world class provisioning and billing while not impeding your growth.


monthly minimum
+ $2.00 /per order

Only pay for active end-users (orders) on the platform. Create unlimited resellers and dealers. $1500 setup fee required.


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