How do I view and manage my subscription?

Updated on October 2nd, 2023


View invoices and active order fee projections for your next invoice.

NOTE: This article is about managing your TeleCloud APP account and not a "cloud account". To view the "APP Account" menu option you'll need to sign in as a CORE administrator with billing privileges, this is usually the initial login created after signing up. 

  1. Sign in to TeleCloud at your custom domain or at the generic URL at

  2. Click your profile picture in the upper right corner to expand the user menu. Locate and click the purple cloud and the "APP Account" option.

  3. The "Subscriptions & Invoices" tab should already be highlighted and you should see your subscription listed.

  4. Click the subscription name or anywhere on the subscription to expand the subscription details.

  5. Once expanded, you should see the details about the active order fee for the current cycle and any invoices that have been generated on your account.

    UNITS = Active orders for the current billing cycle, calculated daily at the end of each day.
    PRICE PER UNIT = The "per active order" fee for each active order.
    TOTAL DUE = The amount due (Units x Price Per Unit)