What is the different between a remote module and a pre-built module?

Updated on November 4th, 2023


Unlike pre-built modules that reside on TeleCloud's servers, remote modules allow you to host the module on your server.

Pre-Built Modules
Because pre-built modules are hosted on TeleCloud APP servers, your carrier credentials are also securely stored there. Setting up a pre-built module is easy because you simply enter your carrier or service provider credentials in the TeleCloud APP interface. The TeleCloud development team takes care of all the coding and setup on your behalf.

Remote Modules
Unlike pre-built modules, remote modules reside on a server of your choosing. Remote modules give you the opportunity to keep full control of your code and credentials. Your module must return properly formatted XML to communicate with the TeleCloud APP. For example, for a successful activation, you may return XML resembling the following:

  <VAR1>2145551212</VAR1> <!-- New phone number -->
  <VAR2>8901456552698754687</VAR2> <! -- ICCID -->