How To: Setup a payment gateway

Updated on November 13th, 2023


This guide will help you setup a payment gateway to collect automated payments.

Things to know:

  • This article assumes you already maintain your own merchant account that provides you with access to one of TeleCloud's supported payment gateways.
  • As a CORE, when you setup a payment gateway it will be used to process payments for your resellers only (VAR accounts wholesale billing).
  • VAR accounts (not CORE accounts) process payments for end-users (ie. customers), each VAR account can setup their own payment gateway. If you have your own customer facing brand you'll want to login to your VAR account and follow this guide again.

  1. Sign in to TeleCloud APP either via your custom domain or the generic domain here.
  2. On the main menu locate the "Payment Gateway" option and select it. 
  3. On the payment gateways screen you'll be shown a list of payment gateways supported by TeleCloud APP, click the name of the gateway you wish to setup.

  4. On the next screen the credentials needed to enable the payment gateway should be entered. If you don't have your credentials you'll need to get them from your payment gateway. Use the table below to locate your respective credentials with your payment gateway.

    Gateway Credentials Needed How to access your credentials
    Stripe Your Stripe 'live' or secret key. This key starts with "sk_live". Sign in to your Stripe dashboard and click "Developers" in the upper right corner. Your API keys will be shown, under "secret key" click "reveal live key". You can also simply follow this link: 'API Login ID' and 'Transaction Key' Login to
    Click the "Account" tab.
    Under "Security Settings" click the "API Credentials & Keys" option.
    Copy the "API Login ID"
    Select "New Transaction Key" option and click "Submit"
    The new transaction key will be sent to the email address on file with your account.
    Helcim "Account ID" and "API Token" Follow this guide:

  5. Click "Save Credentials".
  6. The newly created gateway will be set as the default payment gateway automatically.